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emsmith Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repairs

If your beloved jewelry pieces need some TLC, bring them to E.M. Smith and we will get them shining bright again. Our jewelry experts are masterfully skilled in a wide range of services, including ring resizing, cleaning and so much more. With our state-of-the-art laser welder, we can meticulously restore and repair even the most delicate or fragile pieces. Additionally, we offer services for setting gemstones, whether it's in their original setting or a new and custom style. Our full scope of repair services include:

Emsmith Jewelry Repair

- Ring sizing

- Jewelry cleaning and polishing

- Ring shank replacement

- Stone tightening

- Stone replacement

- Prong tightening and retipping

Emsmith Jewelry Repair

- Soldering

- Chain shortening or lengthening

- Chain repairs and clasp replacement

- Rhodium plating

All of our services are conveniently available on-site.